Where do I start?

When we are faced with that daunting task of job searching, most of us today sit down at our computer, sigh deeply, open up our browser and then…


Where do I start?

We are inundated with job searching engines today, which is great that there are so many opportunities to list and search for jobs, but the task of beginning alone can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, I’ve run across a recent online article listing the Top 9 Job Sites for those searching. A bit about each site is explained and what’s great is that a lot of these sites aren’t just places to find listings, they’re also places for resume help and posting, employer pages, networking opportunities, and a lot more holistic career help.

The winners are:

1. TweetMyJobs

2. LinkUp

3. Indeed

4. SimplyHired

5. CareerBuilder

6. Monster

7. SmartBrief

8. LinkedIn

9. Mashable Jobs


Again, go to the article here for more information and description of each site. There are reader comments below as well suggesting more runners up.

Note* These are just suggestions. Places to start. Go with what fits with your needs and personality. Also, most require you to build online profiles or applications, so get used to filling those out and what information about yourself you want to put forward.

Also just because the job search process is becoming more electronic, don’t forget to include that personal touch when applying. Find someone to contact, a name preferably, research the company and be personal.

If you have any more questions come by the Career Center or e-mail us at sbaker@shorter.edu